THE GLOBE and MAIL - Mercredi 14 octobre 2010/ She had issues, it seems, about the way she presented herself to the world. What woman writer does not? What woman does not? There’s a thoughtful piece about Arcan in the French literary and cultural magazine BSC News by Montreal writer Aline Apostolska : “Women’s writing is always about the body, the flesh, about what the body is used for. Especially when her books are sold on the strength of the way she looks. Nelly Arcan came up with a great expression for the Western woman’s need for physical perfection: the burqa of the body.”

Nelly Arcan’s death has been overshadowed in Quebec by that of nationalist filmmaker and author Pierre Falardeau, who died of cancer on Sept. 25. His funeral last week attracted the big political guns and inspired fists to be raised on behalf of the independence of Quebec. The loss of Nelly Arcan is sadder and quieter, but she is the one who may become legendary.

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